Broadcasters Caught Living In the Past As TV Catchup Wins Ruling

Just weeks after seeing HMV fall from grace in the high street leaving only the silhouette of a business unable to adapt to changing technology and the new ways consumers are enjoying their media, TV bosses displayed the same arrogance in trying to block TV Catchup from rebroadcasting certain free to air channels. They reason that purely because TV Catchup uses a different technology – the hardly new thing called the Internet, TV catchup couldn’t be considered a cable company.

Old TV Arial
Old Technology

Must offer More or Become Irrelevant

It wasn’t that long ago that music bosses thought that it was smart to try to block consumers from doing such trivial things as copying their CD s onto their computers & media players. Those, however, who didn’t pay had more flexibility to use their music as they saw fit. I’m not interested in discussing or judging the moral issues here – one fact is entirely clear – if you want to make money from a service you must embrace the needs of people who want to consume that service. It might suit some big TV networks more when people view on TV, but fighting the Internet will simply allow people to get used to new technology entirely independently of your brand.

The music industry vanquished kazaa media desktop & the original Napster but in the end the high street brands were nowhere to be seen as iTunes and Spotify ran wild on their sales delivering music in away consumers had learnt to expect it to be delivered.

Opportunity To Defeat New Services

The TV networks are in a stronger position than the likes of HMV and at the same time as they battle new technology they also embrace it – look at BBC iPlayer, 4OD and many more. Instead of asking why TV Catchup should make money bringing their programming to people, on every device, and everywhere that can be online and wasting time fighting, they should ask why they weren’t first to bring their shows to new devices. They should also be sure that if they are forever second in embracing new ways for consumers to watch their product they will one day start to lose their relevance and in the end will deserve to see other take a piece of the pie.

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