The Real Cost of Cheap Marketing

I took part in an interesting discussion on this week about how a company that only has $1,000 should invest that in marketing. One of the key things many people misunderstand in that situation is the true costs associated with undertaking marketing in-house, particularly when it comes to the ‘opportunity cost’ of taking workers away from things they’re good at and placing them onto tasks they then perform suboptimally. Continue reading


What You Can Do To Counter Google’s Squeeze on E-mail Marketing and Promotions

The shocking picture below shared originally by Aaron Wall shows what happens to a platform once Google reach what they feel is a suitable level of strategic dominance. Aaron Wall jests that one has to search to even find the search results on many queries now on the dominant search engine (for most English language regions) and he’s not far from the truth. As Google increases it’s dominance in the e-mail market, it is going to be important to learn lessons from the search market, extrapolate where Google is taking things and take what measures we can to improve performance and reduce reliance on Google traffic. Continue reading


Complete Guide to Smart Manual Link Cleanup

Whether you’re an SEO taking a new client or a business that has just been hit by a Penguin (Google link penalty) update you’ll want to tackle your link cleanup quickly and efficiently. This poses an interesting dilemma – if you have a lot of links, it can take a long time to go through these and clean them up. I’m going to cover the manual approach I take to tidying up a site’s link profile, including the techniques I use to ensure the right people do each step, making the process faster and less painful for the business. Continue reading

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5 Online Marketing and SEO Writers Giving More Away Free Than You’ll Get From Paid Conferences

I’ve seen a lot of conference presentations in the SEO and marketing industry, and even more in Sales and we’re very lucky in this industry that a number of individuals give away far more for free than almost any paid conference I’ve seen or been to. Writers who are not only active in the search marketing industry, but true experimenters and thought leaders who’re never in the box in the first place and are happy to share the results of their experiments. I’m absolutely sure that each of these writers has improved the service our industry as a whole delivers to customers and those of you not following them should check out their work. Continue reading


Inbound Marketing and SEO Industry News Sites and Blogs Lag Way Behind More Mature Industries

A great number of us, if not most of us in this industry spend a lot of our time pouring over the latest industry news, blogs and analysis looking for gems of information that will allow us to ‘level up’ and drive better results for our customers. The main problem, however, is that in our industry, being an industry expert means being a marketer. Having such a large portion of our content written by marketers, with promotion in mind, has a huge impact on the quality to noise ratio, with many pieces seemingly written just to obtain traffic and not much else. I’m going to highlight some of the worst recent examples and hopefully encourage some of you to submit some inspiring content to our news sites, because to outsiders — our customers — a lot of this stuff looks really weak. Continue reading